Outside in Room

Painting Outside

Outside. The sun shines. The  colours merge, bright and alive. Are we locked in darkness looking out, or safe behind a dark wall gazing through small panes at a snapshot glimpse of a colourful world?

The painting of Outside did involve some ‘en plein air’ but not in the way most artists would expect. Getting dark paint to sit evenly takes some well lit sessions, and this large canvas spent a few hours out in the March sun, so I could make use of the natural light it offered.

This simple looking abstract started with some guide tapes to set the square but soon became a free hand experience. Metallic arylic squares set against a dark gesso background.

Outside is the first in this series, and represents the darkness of being inside for so long, looking out through multiple miniature panes at small snapshots of Outside. The summer colours mixing in to autumnal shades. The dark room expresses the retreat from outside, a space to hide, feel safe, or simply be.

Outside is available now in my shop, and measures 120 cm x 100 cm.