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  • Toadstool – Alone

    A small canvas depicting a lone toadstool. 5×7 inches

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  • Toadstool Duo

    A small canvas depicting a pair of toadstools. 5×7 inches

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  • Toadstool Trio

    A small canvas depicting three little toadstools. 5×7 inches.

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  • Toadstools


    The whole family are out, surrounded by many little ones, all stretching towards the little light they can find. Large 20×18 inches.

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  • Magic Mushrooms

    Magic Mushroom

    Mushrooms? Toadstools? It depends on your point of view and how poisonous you feel each one is.  This framed acrylic depicts an oversized single mushroom, surrounded by a collection of smaller types.

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  • Grouped Fungi

    Crowded Fungi

    A collection of fungi crowded together in a darkened space. Little heads in hats point towards the little light they find.

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  • Rear Window

    Looking out or peeking in? This rear window is painted in acrylic and nestled into a deep floating frame.

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  • Sunset Creek

    A large acrylic canvas, in thick textural layers of colour. The rapid water calms at the edge of the creek, and the setting sun highlights the array of colours in the autumn light.

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  • After the Storm

    A ray of light streaks through, as the clouds break and the storm moves on. After the storm comes the calm again.

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  • Storm Warning

    As night falls, the wind rises – waves crest, ready to weather in the storm. 60 x 40 cm framed.


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  • Space Mountain

    Space Mountain

    Space Mountain sits in the shadows of the great pyramids, on a distant planet much hotter than Earth. The dry landscape emits a golden shimmer in the high heat of the day.

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  • Little Town

    An original abstract/impressionist acrylic on canvas, using four metallic shades to create an impressionist little town. Canvas measures approximately 42 x 30 x 2 cm and is framed in grey wood.

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