Welcome to my website, where you will find out about me and my art.  And discover how I paint my feelings…

When I get the chance to sit and relax (which isn’t often), I set my paints out and lay all my ‘tools’ out on the dining room table, before choosing a colour, or colours, to suit my mood. I like to keep things simple and try to stay within a few colour ranges, creating art pieces using as few paint variations as possible.

I then turn the lights low, as I find it incredibly hard to create when I am in a bright room, and by the soft light of the dining room bulb, I let my imagination go.

Never really knowing what I will paint, or not drawing out an idea first, leads to some unusual endings. And I tend to paint in one continuous session, as I find if I leave before I finish I will either paint over a picture one dried or have to wait until the same colour mood captures me again before I can ‘feel’ my way back in to the painting.

As a self-taught artist I am exploring various styles – inspired by life, people, and the mood of the day. During my educational years I achieved an O level of good grade in art but went on to pursue other career choice and was made to feel that unless I could paint realistic pictures the effort would be wasted, as no one would want any other kind of art.

Over the years I have learned to appreciate that there are many other forms and styles of art, creating as such in my own work. And a month before my 50th birthday I began to paint, to expand my thoughts on what ‘art’ could be. By setting free whatever I am feeling inside at a given time and letting it out on to canvas I am creating a more eclectic collection of artworks, that allows me to express myself.

I have reignited my passion for painting and moved away from the confines imposed during my school days, to experiment with abstract art, alongside more traditional styles and hugely impressionistic creations.

A variety of prints, canvas copies, and cards are available on request.