Size: 76cm x 61cm

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I remember reading some of Steve Hagen’s book ‘Buddhism – Plain and Simple’ and the picture of the black and white cow had me foxed for ages. My head started to stress and I became unsettled… until I finally saw the image as it was being portrayed. That ‘head-clearing’ feeling was likened to enlightenment, and the session stuck with me for many years. Whenever I cannot grasp a word or a situation and eventually it becomes apparent, I love the free feeling in my mind when it replaces the chaos of over-thinking. This colourful painting holds the same for me, and the cow was never meant to be – it just wandered in and decided to stay.

Canvas size: 76cm x 61cm
Overall size: 81cm x 65cm
Depth: 5.5cm
Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
Frame: Cream wood floating frame

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