After the Ride

Size: 72.5cm x 52.5cm

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After the Ride, at the end of the day; the ride home, setting down your helmet and gloves and warming your bones.
As a retired motorbike rider, I recently decided to refresh my riding and return to the open road. This painting was inspired by Brian, the man who first piqued my interest in motorbikes as a teenager. It is a classic older style helmet, with worn elastic keeping the goggles in place. A white silk scarf and leather gloves tucked inside at the end of the ride, ready for another day.
This framed artboard is completed in acrylic paint and set behind glass.

Overall size: 72.5cm x 52.5cm
Aperture: 49cm x 39cm
Depth: 3.5cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas board
Frame: Yes