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Please feel free to browse the artwork that has already sold. If you see something you like please do contact me for commission options.


A single original acrylic painting of poppies. On art paper and mounted ready to frame at A4.

Turning Tide

An original canvas in acrylic paint. A6 size complete with a miniature easel to display.

Sleepy Village

A mid-size acrylic painting of a sleepy village at night viewed across from the village pond.

Lake View

Solitary trees feature many times in my paintings, and are a passion of mine as they show the strength needed to stand alone.

Sea Flight

A single seagull sails on the wind. A 3-inch original artwork in a 4-inch frame. £15

Rolling Waves

A white framed miniature of the rolling waves coming in with the tide.

Mini Monet

A swirl of colours and floral combinations in this Monet inspired miniature. Measuring 3x3inches in a 4-inch frame.

Hidden Place

Looking out from a shaded nook on the edge of the clearing. The rolling hills, and blossoming flowers basking in the summer sun.

Afternoon River

Late afternoon ruby skies warm the mood in this miniature 3 x 3-inch painting, set in a 4-inch frame.

Flower Posy

An everlasting bunch of blooms, taking up no more space than a small trinket box.


A storm is brewing across the lake and this tiny weather change can be seen in all its glory, at just 2.5 inches in size.

Blue Tree

At 2.5 inches square, this miniature blue tree is the perfect pocket-size gift. An original art piece that takes up the tiniest of spaces.

Sail Boat

A tiny boat setting sail out in the bay.

A framed 2 x 1 inch miniature acrylic painting.

Small Tall Tree

A tiny 2 x 1 inch painting of a very tall tree!



An atmospheric walk in the woods, or a flight through space in to the unknown. Whichever way you hang it, this large canvas artwork will receive a striking…

Eternal Love

A heart-shaped canvas, measuring 29.5 x 29.5 x 1.5 cm (at its longest points). Original acrylic painting of a swan life pairing.

Soul Searcher

Stepping out from within or leaning back to oblivion? Taking time out to let the world (and walls) around you settle for a little soul searching.

Whimsical Whale

Art created using a selection of all four Pebeo styles: Prisme, Porcelain, Ceramic, Vitrail  This whimsical whale is created by free-flowing pour and a lot of patience.  A…


A little ladybug on a leaf. Searching for a friend.

black cat art

Lucky Little Cat

This little black cat on a gold background is waiting for a frame… and a new home!

Desert Brush

Scorched and baked the land is covered in sand, and little else survives. The desert brush grows from dried lands and its burnished colours create a stunning oasis in the wilderness.

Into the Woods

If you go down to the woods today… A 12 inch canvas in simplistic yet effect light and shadow paint style, creating the impression of a clearing out from the woods.


The essence of the mood is well reflected in the combination of pink, mauve, and red, creating a landscape of poppies.

Blue Reeds

An original artworks, set in a box frame with wide mount. Simple scenery takes on a vibrant life of its own when you mix and match.

Disc World – Blue

First in the disc world series, with the art painted in a bubble to reveal the world beyond the looking glass.

Triptic Pool

Three 25cm square canvases joined to make this abstract ‘pool’ in golds, bronze, browns, and selected autumnal colours.


Patience has the dog, as he sits on the bank. Waiting is the dog as his master takes a break.

The Girl

The rain drove her in to the city, the ran drove her away, the girl left heavy of heart, and took no lingering looks back as she walked away.

Dancing Dress

Exploring other styles cements my own style and exploring alternative options to creating with paint only increases your own work.

The Divide

Set in a dystopian future, two fractions collide – and divide – causing a rift in the land and a crack to split open.

The Crow

Bringing alive the darkness of the black crow against the lack of colour in the dimly lit sky, this large acrylic painting is teamed with hidden colour that waits for an external illumination.

The Pit Pony

Living a life in the dark, underground, pulling cartloads of coal from the pits, the Pit Pony was inspired after a trip to the slate mines in Wales.

Surrey Dusk

Surrey skies hold some of the most beautiful colour palettes in the South UK, and this acrylic painting incorporates every moment of colour across a retiring sky. Original…


Nothing brings peace like a moonlit walk, listening to the waves gently lapping the sand as the tide ebbs and flows.

Glenmoriston Falls

Set in the stunning Scottish countryside you will discover the Glenmoriston Estate. Acres of beautiful green land, mountains, and waterfalls.

Astral Projection

Imagine flying through the night galaxy ‘out-of-body’ but ‘in mind’. A stream of mixed gases, minor stars and gas clouds, all collected in to a milky way of mass, dense enough to carry you through the night.

The Reading Tree

That perfect tree where you can relax away from the day and settle in to the world of fiction amongst the pages of a great book.

Centaurea Cyanus

A large canvas covered in metallic blue paint to set the scene for an array of purple stems, with silver edged cornflower blooms. This large painting is completed…

Never Forget

Elephants forever – Original acrylic painting, on unframed, triangle canvas. Overall size from top to bottom is 26 cm, with each side measuring 30cm. Ready to hang with fitted brass D-ring.

Mumble Penguins

Original acrylic painting of a popular penguin scene.

Alien Repose

An abstract pour representing an alien relaxing!


Drifting away in solitude to pause and reflect. A time to be quiet, to fish, to read, to revive.

Black Lake

A negative painting in an old fashioned negative holder frame. An original artwork, in acrylic.

Blue Reeds 2

A negative painting in an old fashioned negative holder frame. An original artwork, in acrylic.


In total abstract style and fit for the Tate Modern – introducing the first edition in a colour series of emotions and feelings. Blush evokes a warm sensation and evokes a shy smile.

Dark Pond

Another in the ‘black/white’ series, with a lake as the focus of this negative effect painting. A drifting log floats in on the tide as the surrounding foliage…

Fleur du Jardin

In total abstract style and fit for the Tate Modern – introducing the first edition in a colour series of emotions and feelings. Blush evokes a warm sensation and evokes a shy smile.

Midnight Blue

A lone tree is not lonely when it has the moon to light the way…

Lost Kitty

The little kitten has lost her way, so patiently waits by the dimmed street lamp until her ‘master’ returns.

Kaleidoscope Heart

Ceramic, acrylic, resin, and glitter. A slate heart created the canvas for this stunning wall hanging heart.