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  • Lost Island

    Lost Island is painted with acrylic, on canvas board, mounted and framed to a total of 54 x 43 x 1.5 cm

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  • Lower Tor

    Moulded art, using clay on canvas to create a mountain terrain. 34.5 x 44.5 canvas completed with a black frame, ready to hang.

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  • The Cove

    The boat is resting on a bed of reeds and weeds. The tide has gone out, and the boat waits to be lifted up, to sail out of the cove. Framed 70 cm x 50 cm artwork.

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  • The Riverbank

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, this picture is worth 10,000 days.

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  • Storm Warning

    As night falls, the wind rises – waves crest, ready to weather in the storm. 60 x 40 cm framed.


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  • Philosopher

    Stunning 20 x 16-inch canvas, with artwork created in moulding medium, acrylic and varnish. Completed with a vintage gold-effect frame, ready to hang.

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  • Fish Time!

    Original A3 acrylic art on canvas, framed in white.

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  • Woodland Walk

    A watercolour in an antique wooden frame, depicting a woodland walk. Art measures 25 x 13 cm in a 42 x 30 x 3.5 cm frame.


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  • Contemplation

    A brief passing moment when the flame is snuffed and the light fades to a smoking whisper of contemplation. 12 x 9-inch artwork.

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  • City of Gold

    A city sleeps in the dead of night, bathed in a golden glow. Mixed media 100cm x 30cm canvas.

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  • Pink Petals

    Wild Rose

    This is the first in the collection of moulded mediums. Mixed media on artboard, framed in white wood. Overall size: 44cm x 34cm

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  • Venus Rising

    The heat vapours rise from the hot planet surface as Venus ascends.

    Framed 20 x 16 inch artwork in acrylic.

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