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  • City on Gold

    A city sleeps in the dead of night, bathed in a golden glow. This mixed-media artwork has been over-poured with resin to reflect and glow and has added speckles of black glitter, which ensures it shimmers into the night. Mixed media on a 100cm x 30cm box canvas.

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  • Ice Spires

    Stunning blue ice spires on a dystopian planet, where the surface water has been pulled into great spires by the ice moon.

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  • Nesting Spires

    Dark coal spires, where the birds of night nest until the coal moon shines their way, created with mixed media acrylic and moulding mediums.


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  • Autumn Ride

    ‘Autumn Ride’ is a final paddle downriver in a single kayak. The riverbank is set at an angle, and the evening sun illuminates the rich golden browns, oranges, and yellows of the falling leaves.

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  • Light

    A single candle illuminated the passage into the night. Created using mixed media moulding medium, acrylic paint and varnish.

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