Happy New Year 2023

It is lovely to be able to take a short break from organising exhibitions to wish all my visitors a very Happy New Year. After a successful exhibition in December, I now have a few months to work on new projects and artworks to be ready for March. My next exhibition is at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking with First for Art, and I am looking forward to having some new pieces to showcase. However, an operation on my hand this month will prove a challenge and I may have to work a little slower and become a bit more ambidextrous to complete them in time.

In the meantime, my latest creation is called Enlightenment, due to the adorable cow that walked into the painting and decided to stay. It wasn’t there when I started to paint but it was there at the end. Once you see it, you will feel enlightened!

“It is said that when you see one, cows bring peace and prosperity into your life. It is also believed that seeing a cow could be an omen of abundance, of wealth, love, resources, or other aspects. An encounter with a cow could also be seen as an omen of much-needed changes that are soon to appear in your life. Keeping an image or statue of a cow in your home is believed to attract prosperity and good fortune.”

Happy New Year!