February Fun

I cannot believe we are into February already. The start of 2024 is much too fast and it is only a few weeks until my first exhibition of the year, with First for Art at Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey.

Painting for an exhibition is always tough as I usually paint solely for relaxation and enjoyment. If I create something that other people want to view, or even purchase, it is a complete bonus. Organising art events is my main focus, so painting often takes a back seat. However this month I have managed to play with some smaller canvases and finally start to move onto some ‘proper’ art – that may make it through to the exhibitions.

Being creative is not a constant stream and if creativity was a river, it would be full of dams, smaller channels, an odd trickle, and then a rush into a vast area. Creativity has moments where it simply dries up and no matter how hard we try, we cannot turn it back into a steady flow. Throughout the latter part of last year, my river became a completely dry bed, so it is a journey this year trying to find a way back to full flow.

Hopefully, these little canvases and moving on to something new will be productive.

See you in March!