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Read more about the artworks I am currently creating, the exhibitions I have planned, and what pieces of art have recently been sold.

Painting Outside

Outside. The sun shines. The  colours merge, bright and alive. Are we locked in darkness looking out, or safe behind a dark wall gazing through […]

20th March 2021

Molding Mediums

When it comes to trying something new, I stepped out of my comfort zone with this molding medium. It feels like a very soft putty […]

5th March 2021

Dark Water

Painting in black and white is not the easiest of choices – but I love to experiments and try new colour combinations. Usually, many of […]

5th March 2021


Reds, blues, purples, whites, creams – set on silver metallic paint. An abstract yet impression of sunny days, Spanish tapas, hanging out washing to dry, […]

5th March 2021

Welcome to Susan Sheen Art

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to visit my online shop where you can browse my latest available artworks. I am an independent artist who […]

5th March 2021

Tactile Textures

I don’t usually use a lot of mixed media, but as soon as I could get my hands on some new products I began to […]

4th September 2020

Lost Art

In creating a picture, I go through a series of different emotions and styles. Often I start painting without planning and will find myself lost […]

5th June 2020

Lockdown Update

Having been in lockdown for over eight weeks, I think it is safe to say that, for many of us, times have been strange. As […]

27th May 2020

The creation: Sea Turtle

Sometimes the paint just flows exactly as it should! After many false starts on this canvas, I painted over in deep blues, greens and turquoises. […]

4th February 2020

Capital Art Gallery

October saw my debut at the Capital Art Gallery in Eltham, Greenwich. A fantastic place for artists of all abilities to showcase, and sell, their […]

15th October 2019

Reworking Art

Occasionally I find myself finishing a painting, framing, and exhibiting it – and then seeing the improvements I think I can make. Sometimes a single […]

15th August 2019

Creating Vines

The urge to paint grapes came from the glass of wine I was holding, and a recent visit to an exhibition. The process was unusual […]

28th June 2019